History of Diboll Day

Diboll Day History
Diboll Day 2018 is the 36th celebration of community pride in Diboll. The first Diboll Day was held in 1953 following discussions by local townspeople at the Antlers Hotel coffee shop. It was decided that money needed to be raised to fund projects for the growing number of children in the community. The result was the Diboll Booster Club and the first Diboll Day which raised almost $1,200 for the community. Future Box Makers of Diboll in an undated Diboll Day parade.
Photo courtesy The History Center, Diboll, TX
1988 Diboll Day Parade
Photo courtesy The History Center, Diboll, TX

There have been some changes since that first Diboll Day was held. Diboll is now The City of Diboll and Diboll now alternates years with its sister city, Pineland, celebrating Diboll Day every other year since 1958.

The Diboll Booster Club has raised $4 million for the community since 1953. Projects funded by Diboll Day include public swimming pools, the little league baseball complex, Old Orchard Park, a day care center, library, and many other projects for youth and senior citizens.

One of the most notable features of Diboll Day is the coronation of the Diboll Day Queen. Diboll Day Queens have traditionally been coronated based on who raised the most money. In the early days, people could vote early and often for their chosen candidate, but each vote cost a penny. Today each candidate and her supporters hold various events as a way to raise money. What remains the same is that the candidate that raises the most money earns the privilege of being crowned Diboll Day Queen. 1960 Queen Candidates with Price Daniel.
Photo courtesy The History Center, Diboll, TX
1984 Diboll Day Queen Candidates
Photo courtesy The History Center, Diboll, TX
2002 Diboll Day Queen, Amanda Jackson 1976 Queen Candidates
Photo courtesy The History Center, Diboll, TX

Diboll Day Queens

1953Annette Courtney 1954Elain Bunch
1955Betty George 1956Billie Jean Clark
1957Beverly Taylor 1958Alice Rains
1960JoAnn Hendrick 1962Michele Nelson
1964Suzanne Franks 1966Martha Brent
1968Kathy Baskette 1970Beth Vodicka
1972Debra Washington 1974Teresa Weatherford
1976Lisa Burkhalter 1978Suzanne Burkhalter
1980Cheryl Schmidt 1982G. G. Denman
1984Theresa Sweeny 1986Lajahna Maxey
1988Jennifer Hendrick 1990Angela Furgurson
1992Jennifer Sweeny 1994Jelyitsa Perez
1996Ashley Lenderman 1998Lisa McClain
2000Amanda Sample 2002Amanda Jackson
2004Micha Flowers 2006Traci Parish
2008Ashley Wilson 2010Callie Shivers
2012Emily Parish 2014Kati Curtis
2016Jo Lynn Baker 2018 
THE HISTORY CENTER in Diboll also has a very nice online exhibit featuring all of the past Diboll Day Queens including many pictures. You can view the exhibit at this link: Diboll Day Queens: 1953-2016.
1990 Parade Float - Engine 13
Photo courtesy The History Center, Diboll, TX
Joe Denman - First Booster Club President
Photo courtesy The History Center, Diboll, TX
Harold Maxwell, Jack Sweeny, Batman, Robin, and the Batmobile (1990)
Photo courtesy The History Center, Diboll, TX

Diboll Booster Club Presidents

1953Joe C. Denman 1954Jack W. Sweeny
1955Doyle "Pop" Rich 1956H. G. Stubblefield, Jr.
1957Ralph Magill 1958Calvin Lawrence
1960Vernon Burkhalter 1962Lamar Collins
1964C. H. Shepherd, Jr. 1966Don Wier
1968Buddy Temple 1970Woodrow Wood
1972Henry Holubec 1974Joe Sample
1976Ray Paulsey 1978Pete Smart
1980John Shepherd 1982Jack C. Sweeny
1984David Kellam 1986Jim Dunlap
1988Felton Burt 1990Jack Beene
1992Gary Martz 1994Kathy Sample
1996Jay Wyatt 1998Bryan Wilson
2000Gandy Stubblefield 2002Mike Warren
2004Sharon Brown 2006Melissa Chumley
2008Lesa Terrell 2010Ronnie Wilson
2012Gary Martel 2014Dennis McDuffie
2016Trey Denman 2018Trey Wilkerson
We look forward to a fun and successful Diboll Day 2018. Please join us as we celebrate Hometown Heroes in Diboll, Texas! 2018 Diboll Day Queen Candidates

Diboll Day 2004, October 2, 2004

For more information about the history of Diboll Day and the City of Diboll,
please visit The History Center located at 102 North Temple in Diboll, TX.


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